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Backed by our continuous innovation andexploration, we have build a team of experienced experts and excellentengineers. 

Guided by consumers’ needs, we will make use of our perfect productseries and professional technology to customize the membrane system solution inthe water treatment area for you from varied industry and areas. We are aimingto be the leader of operating total solution in the water treatment area.

Service Items

  • Contract andOperating of membranesystem in the water treatment area.

  • Optimization andtransformation of membrane system in the water treatment.

  • Contaminations/scale samples componentanalysis.

  • UF/RO membranes performance testing.

  • Series of WaterTreatment Chemicals supply.

  • UF & EDI membrane module supply.

  • High-flow filtersupply.

  • Remote monitoringand diagnostics of membrane system in the water treatment .

  • UF/RO system cleaning on/off line

  • Water qualitymonitoring and testing services.

  • UF membrane elements breakage testing and repairing.

  • UF & RO membrane elements supply.

  • Laminatedfilter supply

  • RO concentrated water retrieve with low motivation.

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